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About Donna

“All Healing is Self Healing.”

”You heal yourself, you heal the planet.”

Donna Brenner is an accomplished individual, widely known for her musical talents, her role as a teacher, and her proficiency as a QHHT practitioner and Reiki master.

Throughout her journey, Donna has been driven by the desire to heal her soul from the various traumas, patterns, and negative beliefs that have accompanied her ancestral lineage. Her lineage has been ridden with abuse, addiction, suffering, lack, and depression that have been passed down through generations.

In 2015, Donna’s life took a transformative turn during a QHHT session, where she awakened to the invisible realms and experienced a release of pain. This divine experience served as a catalyst for her to use her natural energy healing abilities, Quantum intuition, empathic senses, and healing touch to help others similarly transmute their pain.

Today, Donna’s mission is to help others discover their soul’s purpose. With her life theme centered around prodding others to wake up to their inner guidance and the unconscious parts of themselves, she has committed to helping people evolve to their highest potential and knowledge of themselves.

Her approach to quantum healing recognizes that every individual has a unique energy force and that this force can be harnessed to achieve greater well-being and happiness. Her work focuses on unlocking and activating the body’s natural healing abilities and helping people tap into their quantum intuition to connect with their true selves.

Donna has helped many individuals heal from trauma and depression and overcome negative beliefs that have been holding them back. Her gentle and compassionate approach allows her clients to feel safe and supported as they navigate their healing journey. Her expertise in quantum healing has helped many people experience profound shifts in their energy, leading to greater health, happiness, and well-being.

”Helping others to explore their deepest level of soul knowing, healing, and purpose has been one of the greatest joys in my life”

Certificates and Training

Reiki I, II, & III


Sound Healing

QHHT Level II (Dolores Cannon/Brian Weiss)

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Qi Gong


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Experience the power of quantum healing and discover the limitless potential

of your mind and soul.

Take the first step towards ultimate healing and self-discovery.

Reiki Level 3 Training $350

Registration is mandatory for this single-day seminar. Interested individuals must have completed the Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Training and hold a certificate of completion as a pre-requisite to participate in this course.

Reiki Master Teacher Training $550

Registration is required for this 2-day class, which requires prior completion of Reiki Level 3 training.