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Interview With Mystic Mag

Your purpose involves healing your soul from the challenges passed down through lifetimes. How has discovering and living your life's purpose influenced your overall well-being and fulfillment?

That’s a good question, and it’s one I find profoundly interesting—just the concept of knowing oneself. The more healing work I engage in with others and on myself, I discover another piece of myself that I simply didn’t know about. Even delving into energy healing and quantum healing, which I have experienced since childhood, particularly through my involvement in music. I played the flute for a long time and became deeply connected and in the flow with music.

I have always been on this path, exploring various aspects of healing. Since childhood, I have felt a sense of not belonging, a sentiment echoed by many. I was sensitive to this feeling, even delving into discussions about past lives. I recall, as a child, passionately telling my mom that life wasn’t fair, expressing a deep sense of injustice. Discovering pieces of myself in other realms or lives, where I acted as a healer and faced punishment for it, helped explain the profound anger I felt even at the age of five or six.

It wasn’t just a passing emotion; it was a thread woven into the fabric of my purpose. My purpose has always been to heal. Many people are moving in that direction, and I’ve immersed myself in extensive work.

It’s a fascinating journey, and to address your initial question, I find myself drawing inspiration from various sources. If I encounter something effective in my personal experiences, I incorporate it into my work with clients. It’s an ongoing journey, not a final destination.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is an intriguing aspect of your work. Could you share an example of a profound healing experience either you've undergone or witnessed through QHHT, particularly related to ancestral traumas?

Many times, I have to emphasize, first and foremost, I am the facilitator. I don’t perform the healing; the client is the one who does the healing. My role is to facilitate and bring in the guides and the proper channels for that process. It’s profound how many people share certain aspects of their body, and I like to understand their physical issues before we start.

During the healing session, I ask them to describe what they feel. One lady mentioned feeling her back cracking a little, while another woman described feeling energy as heat, experiencing sensations like tingling in her hip. I can’t provide long-term updates for everyone since not everyone stays in touch, but I gauge the effectiveness through their descriptions of what’s happening with them.

In quantum healing hypnosis, we delve into the subconscious level, tapping into knowledge about our experiences. Originally, it began as past life regression therapy. However, with the changing energy on the planet, people now access incredible places. I’ve had clients describe experiences such as feeling Jesus during a session, resulting in profound emotional releases. I allow clients to immerse themselves in these moments, recognizing their depth. Some clients feel as if they’ve received healing while on the phone with me.

However, during our session, they might feel the presence of divine entities or connect with an all-knowing energy where answers flow effortlessly. I recall one client expressing that she felt no need to ask any questions during this state of heightened awareness. Speaking of my own experience, I suffered from persistent neck pain for years that neither chiropractors nor physical therapists could alleviate. It wasn’t until I had a session that I discovered a past-life incident involving trauma around the neck, and the cellular memory was held in my body.

Although I haven’t been able to heal my teeth, which is also karmic for me, I’ve explored it extensively, uncovering numerous answers.

What type of services do you offer?

My passion lies in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by Dolores Cannon. This technique traditionally requires in-person sessions, but I also offer an alternative called Beyond Quantum Healing, allowing me to connect with clients online. Although I am somewhat old-fashioned and prefer in-person sessions, I recognize the evolving nature of the world and aim to conduct more online sessions in the future.

Currently, most of the people I work with prefer in-person sessions. In addition to quantum healing, I practice Reiki and hold the title of Reiki Master. I’ve also taken on the role of teaching Reiki. Energy healing, as you inquired, is a nuanced practice, and it’s crucial to acknowledge that people often receive something different from what they expect.

However, it tends to be precisely what they need. Through Reiki sessions, I’ve received significant confirmation, enhancing my intuition. During these sessions, I can sense various areas in the body, revealing different types of traumas. While I won’t delve into specifics, you learn to approach the discussion carefully, especially when addressing sensitive topics like sexual trauma. The process involves releasing and shifting energy, and it’s vital for individuals to fully grasp the lessons associated with their experiences.

Once these lessons are learned, transformative changes often occur, and issues begin to fade away.

As a teacher, how do you incorporate your personal healing experiences into your teaching methods? How does this approach contribute to the transformation of your students?

I just feel a strong connection when clients share their experiences, and I find myself saying, ‘I know, I know, I understand,’ because I’ve been there. There seems to be a common thread among people. Many of us believe we’re alone in the world and that our struggles are unique. However, it’s a widespread feeling—I’ve heard numerous people express not feeling like they belonged at some point in their lives.

Another prevalent theme is worthiness, feeling deserving of love and other positive things. In my work, particularly with hypnosis, I aim to address these issues. If revisiting past experiences is necessary, that’s okay. Sometimes it’s about connecting with the energy still lingering in your body, allowing for release. The energy can be subtle and may naturally move through you over time. Miraculous healings do occur, but individuals must be ready to receive them.

Lessons need to be learned from every experience, even the most challenging ones like cancer. Our bodies communicate with us, and I encourage a simple daily practice. Take a moment, sit, open up your crown, and let light flow through your body. Spend five or ten minutes sitting in that light, absorbing the information from the field, practicing this connection with guides or higher self.

The unseen aspects of life fascinate me—other planets, universes—there’s so much beyond what we know. Many paths lead to healing; it’s a process of peeling layers, a lifelong journey. I find it fascinating to learn more about myself through past life exploration. Growing up Catholic, the concept of reincarnation brought relief from the distressing idea of lying in the ground after death. Worrying is part of our 3D Earth experience, but everything, positive and negative, is here to help us grow. I find joy in witnessing the expansion happening, especially post-COVID in 2020. Many clients experienced spiritual awakenings during this time, and it’s heartening to see people embrace spiritual and self-healing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and I’ve explored various techniques. I strive to live and work authentically, constantly self-evaluating to ensure I’ve done my best for others.

Ancestral healing is a significant focus in your work. How do you approach healing generational patterns and traumas? Can you share a specific instance where ancestral healing had a profound impact on someone's life?

Yeah, it’s really interesting. I had this one client, and in hypnosis, you’re essentially just relaxed. We aim to set aside the conscious mind and ego, allowing other aspects to come in. With this particular client, we delved into ancestral healing, going back 510 generations in both the mother’s and father’s lines. The client vividly described seeing all their ancestors lined up.

Certain themes I struggle with in this life, like feelings of not being enough or self-abuse, are hard to discern as past or present. They might be influenced by how I grew up, but the roots trace back through the generations. I help release these patterns by expressing gratitude to all ancestors and having the client give back what isn’t truly theirs to carry – these are thought processes and beliefs passed down the line.

Compassion is essential in understanding that if a parent didn’t address their trauma, they might inadvertently pass it on to their children. During my quantum healing sessions, I incorporate ancestral healing as part of the work. When the client explores various aspects in their session, we bring in the higher self to answer questions about life purpose, and I call on their healing team and guides. Trust is crucial because, after the session, I may not always know if they’re completely healed, but I believe I did what was necessary.

You can also perform this healing yourself by getting quiet and having a heartfelt conversation, thanking your ancestors for their sacrifices and releasing what isn’t yours to carry. I like to use the Ho’oponopono mantra – ‘I love you, I forgive you, I’m sorry, thank you.’ It covers all aspects since we all play a role, willingly or unwillingly, in everything, even if we don’t consciously want to believe it. Some friends still question why they chose their mothers, expressing they wouldn’t have chosen them if given a choice.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future in terms of your work and its impact on others?

Oh yeah, the vision for my work is to go deeper and deeper, working with a client now – well, she was a client – and we’re exploring realms that may not have been written about extensively. We’re having sessions every week, gathering information that could potentially contribute to a book.

I would love to witness a collective shift, not just for my work but for the entire planet. I believe that, as beings born on this planet, we all have the right to fundamental necessities like food, water, shelter, and abundance. It’s about providing everyone with a place to live. The balance is off – some have plenty, and others struggle. We all have the right; after all, who claimed ownership of the ocean or the planet? Selling off pieces of the planet seems counterintuitive. I envision a world where everyone’s basic needs are met, allowing them the freedom to truly be themselves. Many of us have done work we didn’t want to do just for the sake of money, and changing that would be a monumental shift.

You can’t fight a war by getting angry about it. Instead, you must send peace. That’s the message I emphasize the most – you have to be at peace in your own body. Striving for personal peace contributes to global peace. If you’re angry about something, you add anger to the collective consciousness. Remember the old 12-step saying: ‘I accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’ It’s about discerning whether what you’re carrying is truly yours or not.

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